September 19

We’re co-hosting a show!


The Kustom Kulture Artshow Features Art from Anyones who’s Anyone on the Lowbrow Art and Kustom Kulture scene

This traveling exhibition will land in Copenhagen on the 29th of
September for a one day only show. The exhibit, curated by Lionheart Tattoo Gallery and Lowbrow Empire, will take place in the very appropriate space of Motorious in the Meatpacking district of Copenhagen.

Lowbrow and Kustom Kulture artist from around the globe have contributed original, awesome artwork for the show and everything will be for sale. The list includes more than 100 artist such as:
Dirty Donny (US), John Kenn Mortensen (DK), Teide (UK), Jeff Rassier (US), Dan Sinnes (LU) Uncle Allan (DK), Peter Gustaffson (SE), Sandor Jordan (DE), Beau Brady (US), Sam Rulz (AT) and many, many more.

Q & A With Jesper Bram, Lowbrow Empire

-How did this show come about?
“Well, we’ve done it a couple of times now- the scene is really big in Europe so a traveling exhibition is a cool way to reach as many as we can.

-What makes the show so special?
“We can’t wait to see this year’s artwork. These artists are world class and seeing them all in one space will be mind blowingly awesome”

-Who are you people?
“Basically we’re huge Lowbrow Art and Kustom Kulture geeks- believe me, you want us to give you the tour!”


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