Like Music or Sports, You Should Be Practicing with Art Daily

When we are learning to play a musical instrument or any type of sport, we practice. At that point, even after we’ve learned, we continue to practice daily to master the activity. Practicing with art is much the same way.

To master any craft we must first learn it. Then, once we’ve learned it we must keep practicing regularly to get better at it. In this case, to create even better works of art. That is where the true genius is unveiled. Where the masterpieces that belong in museums are designed.

Daily Practice Reveals New Creativity

As you draw or paint each day, new ideas, methods, and techniques will pop into your mind. Just as you play a sport and think of new defensive moves or a new way to get to the goal. Just like when you are composing a new piece of music, and you think of a new riff or beat for your song as you practice.

Your blank art canvas can unlock new ideas that might not have otherwise been discovered as you practice multiple times. When you practice...

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Find Inspiration By Looking at Other Artists

Hey weirdo! I’ve got a question for you - Is it wrong to find inspiration by looking at other artists? In my opinion, the answer is no. It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and that is also true in the art world. 

Now, that doesn’t mean you should copy other people’s work, and you certainly shouldn’t sell it or pass it off as your own - that’s stealing! But, there’s nothing dishonorable about peeking at what others are up to in order to spark the creativity in yourself so you can make more art.

Go on an Art Hunt

To get started in your quest for inspiration, go on a hunt for art. You don’t even have to leave the house. What a time to be a creator in the digital age! Artists are all over the internet! All you have to do is look on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Google. 

As you find artists that appeal to you, bookmark their pages, and spend time exploring their art in depth. Look at the...

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Artist Feature: Karl Kaufmann


Today I’m going to take a look at one my favorite lowbrow artists. His name is Karl Kaufmann, and I’ve been following him for a while and enjoying his work. His work is very characteristic, in terms of everything, like this one, everything is kind of glowing, and there’s details all over the place. It really has that super cool, weird, funny kind of provoking vibe that I think is very significant for a lot of lowbrow art. I’m going to show you a few things that I really like about his stuff. He’s also a tattoo artist, and I think that really shows in his work because, in tattooing, it’s very important to have a contrast, because that’s how you actually get stuff to stick on the skin, but also to get stuff to be recognizable and actually, people can interpret what it is from a difference and stuff like that.

If we zoom in a little bit, and if you notice, he has some power lines around here and all the different elements is lined. But if you...

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Artist Feature: Drag Daddy


In this video I’m going to look at an artist called Ben Mitchell, also known as Drag Daddy. He had kind of a big influence on me in terms of drawing hands years ago. His hands are very significant. And I’ve always liked the style, and he does these really cool coloring books. Super simple, some black and white drawings stapled together in a little bunch and you can order them directly from his website. And I’ve used those books to study them and try to get behind his thinking a lot.

I think the most significant thing I learnt of the stuff that I picked up and am still using today is kind of the way that he draws hands, and many people, they have problems with drawing hands, because it’s not easy. But I like his way of doing it, they look kind of real-ish, but still there’s something going in different directions. One of the key features of making a hand interesting and funny is to kind of have these fingers and digits on the hands, little elements that...

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